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Daryl has been associated with the Oglala Lakota Sioux of the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota since his time stationed at Ellsworth Air force Base in 1970.


In 1999 he returned to Pine Ridge and took part in one of the First Nations most Sacred of ceremonies, the "Sun Dance".


Fulfilling a four year commitment earned him the right to be called a "Pipe Carrier".


Daryl has danced with people who hold the lineage of "Black Elk", "American Horse" and the bloodline of "Crazy Horse".


Though Daryl is a non-native he holds the Lakota tradition close to his heart and as a Pipe Carrier can perform traditional blessings and house blessing for those in need. (songs and prayers are done in the Lakota language)


Daryl is NOT a Holy Man or Medicine Man, (Wakan Wicasa or Pejuta Wicasa) nor is he a shaman, for in the Lakota tradition there is no word for Shaman and some full bloods consider it an insult.


Daryl speaks and teaches basic Lakota and still considers himself a student of the Native way of Life.



Developing more than four decades, Nila has acquired a strong  background in concepts of Esoteric Teachings, Metaphysics, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Tarot, and simple Quantum Physics.


These multifaceted modalities have assisted Nila in creating a well rounded perspective of what is referred to as "Reality".


Aquiring this level of extreme information is the basis for Nila's specialized, personal approach in reading the Tarot Cards, some of which includes.......


Realeasing core patterns of behavior


Career Profiling


and much more............



Nila is eager to share with you.


Please call for a reading on the phone or in person...



New clients receive a first time discount!



• Hand beaded jewelry.

• Sterling silver jewelry.

• Semi- precious stone jewelry.

• Dream catchers.

• Sage.

• Bolo ties.


and more!

Our Services:

• House blessings.

• Private lessons to learn the Lakota language.

• Private lessons to learn native tradition of preforming a house blessing.

• Tarot.

• Time line therapy.

• Fragmentation integration.


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(714) 881-6529

Types of Payment:

Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express

Aprox.....ALWAYS......call first if possible


Tues-Friday:    11:00 - 5 or 6 pm

Saturday:         12:00 - 4 or 5 pm

Sun-Monday:   Closed, but we usually open for a few hours between 12 and 2pm


On occasion we close for a short while during regular hours if I am doing a session, so if you are driving, check in with us first, so you will not be inconvenienced. Thank You



Today's Tarot

Readings by Nila 714-881-6508

Tarot is an ancient art which has been developed into a valuable and necessary thought form.


Thought forms are conscious, not necessarily of themselves, but a living consciousness that expands exponentially.


An example of a thought form could be the Catholic Church, the government, or a small business.


A more abstract thought form could be love or a code of honor.


All of these forms or concepts have grown or changed to some degree over time.




We all live and move and have our being in some thought or belief that either controls as a negative or motivates as a positive.


In the past, main stream tarot card readings were considered "fortune telling", static glimpses into the future already carved in stone.


However , the authentic use of the tarot in centuries past was to unleash the power of the genius of the right brain through the feminine aspect to intuition.


This was to ensure that the art to the " Spiritual Sciences" would not be lost in the onslaught of the male aspect, left brain, dominating society of pure intellect,... the devaluing of the unconscious and feeling nature.


Readings by Nila 714-881-6508


Thus the use, understanding and interpretation of the tarot has expanded as we as human begins are able to grasp greater insights to our current reality.


TODAY'S TAROT is the experience of immersing oneself into the prism of the many faceted parts you find yourself in the "NOW". Revealed in this multifaceted energetic structure is the past cause of your situation, which effects the present, and in turn will mold the future into the likeness of itself..... whatever you are projecting that to be.




Through many different modalities and four decades of experience, I feel.... I AM AN ADEPT..... at what i do.


Interpreting the symbols of the tarot, i identify the patterns of your prism and reflect them back to you.


We discuss my perceptions and together we decide what they mean to you and if you choose we develop a natural course of action to manifest your desired outcome(s).


My intent is to inspire, and educate you to consciously build a new thought form form you inner personal power and wisdom and take it back to the outer world with confidence and poise.


Readings by Nila 714-881-6508


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