Quantum Chakra Guided Meditation Workshop

Welcome to the Four Crows information website. We are a retail establishment in service to the Native American, Metaphysical and Spiritual community. It is our intention to bring awareness, wisdom, and above all, tolerance to our society. Ho!

Quantum Chakra Guided Meditation Workshop

Presented by Shifting Realities "Nila"

"Truth" is a unique and personal experience. Another perspective is influenced by their background, education, moral and spiritual concepts... conscious and unconscious. At some level we all live in a box.

Bi-passing the other persons box, byu expanding your own, is the key to your unique truth.

Join Nila as she moves you through the 3rd and 4th level chakras. Each class will expand the size, shape and frequency of your box. It will provide an opportunity to download your re-defined personal information network.

Your root chakra is not red?
Your root chakra is disappearing?
Your box is really a hyper-cube?

Call for Prices and Times Information

743 unit A, El Camino Real, Old Towne Tustin  92780


Four Crows allows a maximum of 30 minutes for set-up
and 30 minutes for clean-up after class